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Welcome to STAR SHARE Knowledge Base. Here you can access a collection of information, materials, work procedures, documentation, and other important things related to work activities that you do in the STAR SHARE company network. This Knowledge Base also contains several collaboration features, such as forums, write together, blogs, etc., as support to facilitate the application of knowledge.

Hari Kerja di Semarang

Senin-Jumat: 10:00-17:00 | Sabtu: 10:00-15:00

Hari Kerja Remote

Extended sesuai kebutuhan

HRD Department

Apabila Anda memiliki kendala  administrasi, hubungi bagian HRD melalui kontak yang tersedia. Jangan menghubungi bagian Customer Care.

About Us

STAR SHARE is an E-Business management organization, which manages and controls all its established subsidiaries. We are focused on the internet network business, and with the help of local investors we are expanding these efforts

How We Work?

Mark Cuban: “Most businesses do not need more cash, they need more brains”. One of the functions of this site is used as a place to find people who want to join as an internal team member to set up a company. We need people who are full of energy, have a common vision to work together to build a great company. If you are interested in the startup worlds, want to contribute in it or see the reality of how the actual startup works, you can join us.

Management Business Administration

We use the standard of Business Administration Management (MBA) in the foundation of the company. With this, the established company system will not experience severe shocks in its operations.


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